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Vierte Welle Festival. Vol 1. Online Edition

June 23, 2020

The feminist Vierte Welle Festival. Vol 1. Online Edition is now streaming. In addition to the presentation of a selection of short films from the first edition, to view online, Vierte Welle Festival have a large agenda of talks with the directors and workshops.

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has not only required all of us to cancel a number of projects, new productions or personal plans but it is also exposing the existing and persisting inequalities in our societies, and having a heavy impact on the lives of people facing difficult socio-economic circumstances.

Additionally, increases in domestic violence have been reported across the world since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the imposition of lockdown measures. At the same time, indigenous and Black communities are three to four times more severely affected by coronavirus than other population groups, due to structural and institutional inequalities.

In response to this disruption, the organisers of the Germany-based Vierte Welle Festival – as women, as feminists, mothers, migrants, and artists – have decided to present an online version of their fourth wave 2019 festival as a space of possibility. “Our aim is to open up spaces for networking as well as discussion of socio-political topics; the difficulties the cultural sector currently faces; as well as the opportunity to connect and to share,” the organisers said in a statement.


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