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Film Academy Course

Delivery: Online (across Africa) / On-Site (Lagos, Nigeria only)

This course is a primer to get you editing. We will cover theory and technical training but above all this course is practical and designed to get you started and equipped with a strong foundation so that you can continue learning once you graduate.



We will go back in time and study the very first film editors in order to understand the rules so that we can confidently break them. We will then get technical and look at the process of nonlinear editing (NLE). You will get an overview of how a NLE edit suite works, what the most important buttons do and how to push them.

The real work of the course however will be when you roll up your sleeves and dive into your own edit. You will learn by doing and do by learning.

We will cover editing tips for speed and efficiency and we will introduce some of the advanced capacities of your NLE such as colour grading and sound editing. Finally, you will be guided on how to deliver your finished film to various specifications

Film editing is much more than just pushing buttons though, it’s really about creative collaboration. This course will explore ideas on how to read and interact with people and how to manage your own strain and stress. We will look at the career path of an editor.

You will present your edits to the class and give feedback on the other presentations.



The objective of this course is to teach you the foundation concepts that you can build your own knowledge and love of editing on. You will get a broad outline and technical overview in a supportive environment, however the onus is really on you to take this inspiration as a start and run with it.


Lesson 1: Film theory (and why it matters)
  • What is editing anyway?
  • Meet the greats from film history
  • The psychology of montage.
  • Rules (and how to break them)
Lesson 2: Technically speaking
  • The basic principles of editing – a technical understanding.
  • Non-linear editing (NLE) workflow.
  • NLE case-study, an Adobe Premiere crash course.
Lesson 3: Let's Get Practical
  • Try, fail, repeat, succeed
Lesson 4: Sound judgement
  • The importance of sound design and its effect on picture.
  • Practical demonstration of sound design and sound delivery formats.
Lesson 5: A World of Colour
  • Understanding how colour is used in storytelling.
  • Practical demonstration of color grading and project delivery formats.
Lesson 6: Delivering Your Baby
  • How to know when it’s finished?
  • The final cut: finishing, layout and delivery formats.
Lesson 7: Understanding People
  • Professional workspaces and understanding clients.
  • How to work with people, communicate effectively and make the most out of criticism.
  • Saving time and making money: advanced techniques to speed up your workflow.
  • When to fight for what you love and when to let go of your darlings.
Lesson 8: Presentation and Evaluation
  • Present and defend your work


Start/ End Date – To be confirmed

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