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Film Academy Course

Delivery: Online (across Africa) / On-Site (Lagos, Nigeria only)



In this course, participants will learn about the role that the creative producer plays in filmmaking. Learners will be taken through the 5 production phases from a producer’s perspective, developing their skills in balancing the creative with the business. Producers are the engine of the film industry and while this role is seen as largely pragmatic and logistical, it also requires a holistic understanding and respect for screenwriting and filmmaking at large. Therefore, participants will be taken through the basics of what each person’s contribution and function is in the process so that they are better equipped to lead a team and deliver a finished product. They will discover how to find material to produce, how to work with writers and directors, how to put together a finance strategy, budget and schedule, apply for funding and ultimately, launch their work into the marketplace.



After completing this course, participants will be equipped to produce a short film. They will glean a holistic understanding of filmmaking and the various roles involved. Practically, they will be able to execute funding applications, a budget and a schedule. They will be empowered with tools which will enable them to create a safe and nurturing space in order for their collaborators to create their best work, while being able to lead a crew effectively. Learners will be informed of various distribution pathways and how to create a sustainable business model for themselves as independent filmmakers.


Module 1

What is a producer?

Module 2

The five stages of film making(overview)

Module 3

Who’s who in the crew and how to build a team

Module 4

How to choose material and filmmaker/collaborator

Module 5

The producing practicalities of each phase of filmmaking

Module 6

Funding applications

Module 7

Pathways to distribution

Module 8

Career Sustainability



Start/ End Date – To be confirmed

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