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Viacom’s Sazi Mbalekwa offers creative freelancers advice on securing opportunities in the time of Covid-19

June 18, 2020

Sazi Mbalekwa is a producer, production manager and freelance career consultant. Having worked on the sets of major motion and commercial productions, Mbalekwa is a budding young expert in her field. She holds a BA in Motion Film Production from AFDA and oversees creative executions on behalf of Viacom Media Networks, Disney Africa, Boiler Room, Ola Films, Giant 95 and Eggs Films, and continues to secure the trust of brand, film and television executives across South Africa. With her years of experience in full-time freelance creative projects, Mbalekwa is inviting more young South Africans to explore the over-mystified yet highly gratifying world of freelancing.

Below Sazi offers five essential tips on how creative freelancers may make themselves attractive hiring options, find and create new opportunities during the reality of COVID-19:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Winston Churchill

  1. Many companies are currently experiencing changes and navigating hurdles that they have never encountered before. This means that there are more clients who are open to receiving suggestions that might help them get back on track. This is the best time to pitch yourself as a solution. Identify how you can help companies in your industry manoeuvre their business approach during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Adjust your rate; businesses are losing money fast so, showing your understanding by adjusting your rate to be slightly more competitive than the standard might put you in a better standing to winning over the client.
  3. Add an additional service! What else can you do? Identify some of the other skills that you can monetize; maybe you are a photographer but can edit videos too. In a normal world, video editing is a skill that you don’t really rely on for an income because photography kept you busy but perhaps now is the time to dust of that skill-set and put it work.
  4. Start creating and packaging content on what you do. Are you a web designer? Why not create educational content on the most asked questions about web designing. The more people that know about you and your services, the greater your chances of landing a new client.
  5.  Reinvent yourself. After the pandemic dies down, things will not go back to what they were. Things will have changed and it will be the best time to demonstrate an acute awareness of the new times and ways of working that we are living in, in your services and practices.


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