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The Vierte Welle Film Festival: Call for Entries

May 4, 2022

The Vierte Welle Film Festival aims to give visibility to female artists and raise awareness about gender inequality, citizen participation, prevent prejudice, fight against discrimination, and recognize rights through audiovisual content, MADE BY WOMEN, of the so-called fourth-wave feminism.

Fourth-wave feminism is articulated by creating audiovisual and written content of a philosophical, political, economic, social, ecological, and cultural nature, academic or not, and disseminating the same through social networks and traditional media.

The first festival’s edition took place in 2019 in Berlin. The team responsible for the festival consists of women, mainly with a migration background, and feminist activists in various groups and organizations. In addition to the screening, the festival is complemented by a comprehensive industry program including free activities open to the public.

Submission categories include:

  • #INTERSECTIONALITY: refers to injustice, inequality, exclusion, and discrimination (whether based on a person’s gender, race, class, sexual orientation, or nationality) exercised due to imposed social categories and the existing system of oppression.
  • #BODYPOSITIVITY: refers to the socially established canon of beauty. Includes menstrual health.
  • #METOO: refers to violence against women in all forms: physical, mental, emotional, economic, institutional, etc.
  • #Berlin: Short films by Berlin-based female filmmakers with a migration background.
  • #Niunamenos: Short films by Latin American filmmakers that address feminist issues in the region.
  • #TransLivesMatter: International short films by transgender filmmakers

Deadline to submit is 1 September.

For more information, click here.



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