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The NFVF, in partnership with STEPS, announces call for 24-minute documentary films about Covid-19 in South Africa

October 5, 2020

The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) has announced a call for a collection of medium-length documentary films on the impact of COVID-19 in South Africa.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has seen South Africa face unprecedented challenges. While the full impact of the pandemic has not yet been felt, the time is now for documentary filmmakers to respond to these radical changes by playing witness and allowing audiences the opportunity to experience the world through a different lens.

The NFVF in partnership with the SABC and STEPS invite documentary filmmakers to submit proposals for 24-minute documentary films about Covid-19 and the impact the pandemic has had on South Africa.

The proposal for the film should show a creative, character-driven, narrative documentary story. All story ideas are welcome and the best story ideas with a clear production plan will be considered.

Language: Any language spoken in South Africa.

Submission Requirements

List of required documents

  • Synopsis (half a page)
  • Detailed Outline
  • Treatment
  • Budget and Proposed production schedule
  • CVs of the key creative team (Producer, Director, DOP, editors) with showreel/portfolio of work

All applicants must submit the following compulsory documentation:

  • BBBEE certificate or Signed BBBEE Affidavit with a dated stamp (not older than one year)
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate or Tax Clearance Status Pin Document (not older than one year)
  • Recently Certified ID copy (dated certification stamp not older than six months)
  • Company Registration Documents
  • Closing date for submissions: 26 October 2020
  • Development should begin in December 2020
  • Delivery at the end of May 2021

Applicants need to register and complete the online application form using the following link: https://nfvf.praxisgms.co.za/

Important notice:

Terms of Arrangement

  • The films will be made for broadcast initially on SABC3 with a duration of 24 minutes.
  • Distribution rights will be required, including online and secondary broadcast rights.
  • A budget will be provided for development, production, post-production and delivery of one stand-alone film. The budget should be cost-effective and adhere to industry norms for crew capacity and remuneration.


Productions will be required to follow industry protocols for health and safety on set, as per the guidelines outlined in the SASFED/ IPO Protocol for Film and TV Under Covid-19. Producers should ask themselves:-

  1. Should I be filming at all?

This hinges on whether there is sufficient public interest to justify filming. Risk analysis should consider risk to the film team and those potentially affected such as protagonists, vulnerable communities, families of the film team.

  1. What are the consequences of going ahead?

There is a need to think through the practical implications. What are the alternatives to physical travel to the filming location (high risk), remote filming (medium risk), the content generated by the subject (low risk), or not filming at all (no risk)?

  1. What is the safest way to organize the shoot?

Team members should be trained about the importance of taking precautions and how they can protect themselves and those they come into contact with. This can be done in person or remotely. Ensure everyone involved is happy to continue filming and check on that daily.

Details of the SASFED/ IPO Protocols can be found HERE.

Please note that failure to submit the above-mentioned key and compulsory documentation will render the application incomplete and therefore disqualified.

No late applications will be accepted.

Application queries may be directed to applications@nfvf.co.za 


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