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The Kenya Film Commission Announces Winning Projects for its Film Empowerment Programme

July 6, 2020

The Kenya Film Commission’s (KFC) film empowerment programme aims to increase the number of quality local films made.by providing film and video-related funding in the categories of, Education and Training; Development (of feature films, documentaries and TV Concepts); Production (of feature films and documentaries); and Marketing and Distribution.

The Kenya Film Commission board approves funding under the Film Empowerment Programme on a quarterly basis throughout the financial year of July to 30 June.

On 2 July 2020, the KFC announced the 12 winning projects for the Film Empowerment Programme;

Film Name: Bangarang
Production Company: Lakewood Productions
Applicant’s Name: Robin Odongo
County: Kisumu
Amount Awarded: KSHS 4,000,000

Film Name: Book of Kah
Production Company: Josephat Media
Applicant’s Name: Josephat Nyakundi
County: Machakos
Amount Awarded: KSHS 325,000

Film Name: Lame
Production Company: Eldoret Film Festival
Applicant’s Name: Cosmas Bii
County: Uasin Gishu
Amount Awarded: KSHS 2,000,000

Film Name: Safari
Production Company: Rocque Pictures Limited
Applicant’s Name: Phoebe Ruguru
County: Nairobi
Amount Awarded: KSHS 4,000,000

Film Name: Messenger
Production Company: Independent film maker
Applicant’s Name: Winnie Kimondo
County: Muranga
Amount Awarded: KSHS 1,600,000

Film Name: Arabuko
Production Company: Uriel Productions
Applicant’s Name: James Yaa Kahindi
County: Kwale
Amount Awarded: KSHS 1,800,000

Film Name: Medicine Man
Production Company: Furet Film International Limited
Applicant’s Name: Betty Furet
County: Embu
Amount Awarded: KSHS 3,000,000

Film Name: Tom mboya student airlift
Production Company: Camera Pix
Applicant’s Name: Kabinda Lemba
County: Nairobi
Amount Awarded: KSHS 4,000,000

Film Name: Defying ashes
Production Company: Independent film maker
Applicant’s Name: Joan Njeri
County: Nairobi
Amount Awarded: KSHS 2,000,000

Film Name: Frog boy
Production Company: Apes in Space
Applicant’s Name: Wanzilu Maingi
County: Kajiado
Amount Awarded: KSHS 383,000

Film Name: Rituals of Africa
Production Company: Baruu Collective Limited
Applicant’s Name: Saitabao Kaiyare
County: Kajiado
Amount Awarded: KSHS 1,500,000

Film Name: Swapped
Production Company: Divine elements
Applicant’s Name: Sabina Staddler
County: Nairobi
Amount Awarded: KSHS 425,000


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