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Murder in Paris Documentary Celebrates Women’s Month with Two Awards at the Durban International Film Festival

August 10, 2021

Murder in Paris is a political crime thriller documentary that traces the motives for the assassination of anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September directed by Enver Samuel.

Murder in Paris was one of the top 5 most watched African films during the Encounters South African International Documentary Festival in June and now the 42nd edition of the Durban International Festival has awarded the explosive documentary the Best South African Documentary Award alongside co-winner “I am Here” about South African Holocaust survivor Ella Blumenthal who celebrated her hundredth birthday during the festival.

“It’s appropriate at the beginning of Women’s Month that two women are the focal point of the Durban International Film Festival joint Best South African Documentary Award. One, a 100-year-old South African holocaust survivor, what a mensch. And the other who lived to 52 before her life was cruelly curtailed in the most despicable manner, what a freedom fighter. Ella Blumenthal and Dulcie September ‘s lives never crossed but as two incredibly strong women in their own right, they are beacons of hope. Happy Woman’s month. You have struck a woman you have struck a rock,” says Samuel.

Filmmaker Enver Samuel was also recognised by DIFF with the inaugural Artfluence Award for Human Rights ”for his immense contribution to advocating for human rights and social justice through his documentaries. “ “This award also bears witness to all the families of victims against apartheid atrocities”.

Dulcie September was the ANC representative in France who was mysteriously murdered in the heart of Paris on 29 March 1988. To date nobody has been found guilty for her murder. The case in France was closed after 4 years and the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission were unresolved as the evidence received from the French investigation was insufficient. Lawyers working on behalf of Dulcie September’s family are currently motivating for the re-opening of the case.

“It’s Dulcie’s birthday on 20 August, she would have turned 86. I wonder what she would say about all this. Probably “stop making a fuss”, I guess. Let’s make a fuss and sign our Justice for Dulcie petition to help seek redress in the French courts for EMS Productions – Enver Samuel – 082 440 7001 – ems@eject.co.za Murder in Paris: Documentary on Dulcie September’s life, directed and produced by Enver Michael Samuel. Visit us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Dulcie’s assassination.” says Samuel.

The Justice for Dulcie Campaign requests the French state to allow this case to be argued in a criminal court and for the evidence to be presented and heard. The petition is available at tinyurl.com/justicefordulcie.

The Justice for Dulcie Campaign is a natural extension of an almost five year journey for Samuel. “Dulcie’s story will inspire those who strive for democracy and social justice and highlight the role of a selfless unsung heroine. It is my wish that in some way the documentary can play a part in seeking justice for Dulcie’s murder”.


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