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Mobile Moviemakers Film Festival Cape Town (MMOCA)

October 27, 2020

The Mobile Moviemakers Film Festival Cape Town (MMOCA) has been created to showcase, nurture, and support the emerging creative filmmaker, who uses the latest technology available from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, action camera or drone) to create stories in a cinematic way. The festival hopes to function as a career stepping stone for discovering emerging filmmakers in South Africa. By focusing on mobile filmmaking, the festival eliminates a lot of the economic constraints, allowing more people to take part and compete in the festival.

MMOCA is looking for short films (max 5-min in length) shot on a mobile phone in the following categories:


Out of all the entries, 5 finalists per category will be pre-selected by an in-house professional filmmakers’ team. The films of the 15 finalists, spread over the 3 categories, will be judged by an international panel of filmmaking fundies. There will be one award winner per category.

What are the awards and prizes?

  • A production grant of R 10.000 for the winner of each category: the award winner will be asked to use this grant to produce a promotional film for the sponsor of the award category. Details will be discussed between the sponsor and the award winner.
  • A Jury Prize for the winner of each category: R 5000

The awards are: The Flemish Representation Award for Best Documentary; The Wallonia – Brussels Award for Best Fiction Film; and The Flemish Investment & Trade Award for Best Advertisement.

Entries to MMOCA are free for students and R100 for all others. All films submitted must be shot on a mobile device, in other words, a mobile phone or tablet, drone, GoPro-style camera.

All films must be submitted by the 13 November 2020 deadline.

Click here to submit your film.


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