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November 2, 2021

In another exciting announcement for East African women in film and media, The Ladima Foundation can confirm a long-term partnership with The Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA).

As a duly registered not-for-profit organisation in Tanzania, The Ladima Foundation is expanding its base of operations and will be collocated at the TAMWA offices in Zanzibar and will facilitate training and capacity building for selected TAMWA members.

TAMWA is also a duly-registered not-for-profit in Tanzania that was registered in 1987 with a mission that mirrors many aspects of the Ladima Foundation. TAMWA’s mission is to advocate for women and children’s rights by conducting awareness raising activities for cultural, policy and legal changes/transformations in the society through the use of media.

The training will include coaching and mentoring for TAMWA staff, as well as training programmes aimed at TAMWA members working in the media. These sessions will cover cinematography, film critique writing and film event writing, and documentary filmmaking. These key areas of intervention will ensure that women working across media sectors in Tanzania are able to improve the quality of their work, tell engaging and meaningful stories, and be able to more fully engage with the film sector and film events.

Mzuri Issa, Director of TAMWA explains the basis for the partnership, “TAMWA is happy to have partnered with the Ladima Foundation, an organisation that mirrors our vision and mission to develop the professional skills of women in Tanzania. Together we will be able to create real change that impacts women in Tanzania, not just women in media.”

From a Ladima Foundation perspective, Co-Founder and Director of Programmes, Edima Otuokon has this to say, “The partnership with TAMWA is particularly important to The Ladima Foundation as we have been speaking to them for a number of years. This partnership is a further reflection of our commitment to working with the women of Tanzania and to create programmes that can tangibly improve the skills of women in media in Tanzania. In partnership with TAMWA we will be rolling out a number of targeted training initiatives over the next few months”

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