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KOSINIMA Short Film Grant for Black woman-identifying or non-binary filmmakers in Africa and the diaspora

April 28, 2022

KOSINIMA Short Film Grant is a grant fund for Black woman-identifying or non-binary filmmakers in Africa and the African diaspora.

The KOSINIMA Short Film Grant funds up to  $2,500.00 USD for up to 4, first or second-time filmmakers in Africa or the African diaspora (includes Europe, United States, Caribbean, and Latin America) per calendar year. The grant can be used for production (i.e. hiring of crew, securing locations, paying talent) and/or post-production of films only (no development or pre-production expenses) that meet the following criteria, as outlined below.


Short films:  

· 15 minutes or under

· Have a woman or non-binary person in one or all of the following roles: Director, Producer, Writer

· Have themes of identity and/or community

· Documentary or Narrative

· Any genre

· Any language, but subtitled in English


· 1st or 2nd-time filmmakers having never directed a feature

· Identify as Black from the African continent or African diaspora

· 18 and over


Find the application form here.

For KOSINIMA, Inc. to deem an application complete for review, the following materials must be submitted by the deadline:

·      Upload a script or film treatment

·      Provide background on the film team: Producer(s), Director, Writer(s), and any key crew.

·      Information about the film project (i.e. genre, length of the film)

·      Budget outline

·      Summary of how you plan to use the funds and plan of what you intend to have as a deliverable upon use of the funds

·      Estimated Production Schedule


 All application materials must be submitted no later than June 1st.


Submissions: April 1-June 1st

Notifications to Recipients of Grant: October

Public Announcement of Recipients: November

*Please note: Applications for review are first come, first reviewed and will be capped at 300 submissions.


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