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The Ladima Foundation partners with the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

September 22, 2021

The Ladima Foundation is excited to partner with the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin; presenting a Live Hub discussion as part of the Human Rights Forum 2021 – live from Abuja, Nigeria on 23 September under the theme ‘Storytelling and Activism’.

The Human Rights Forum is an innovative platform that aims to promote the transformative power of storytelling, creating a place where film-makers, media professionals, artists*, activists, NGO workers and scholars can discuss and share their stories with the world. This is the promise behind the forum, which is offering four days of open discussions, workshops and pitches.”

This year’s Forum will explore how storytelling can help to make a sustainable, peaceful and lasting change. By looking at case studies, examining different approaches and discussing storytelling in light of some of the biggest challenges of our time – like the rise of nationalism, worldwide inequality and climate change – we want to develop new approaches and strengthen diverse, excellent forms of storytelling worldwide.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that activists can use to draw attention to grievances and injustice, and encourage dialogue. The live discussion on 23 September will look at successful and impactful storytelling projects, discuss the synergies between activists, artists and media-makers, and develop joint strategies for impactful storytelling to foster human rights.

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