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Durban International Film Festival offers discount code to Ladima Foundation A-List community members

January 19, 2022

The Ladima Foundation and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) have partnered to offer Ladima A-List Community Members a 30% discount on the 2022 DIFF submission fee!

The discount code is EXCLUSIVELY available for African WOMEN in film, TV & content who are members of the Ladima Foundation’s new A-List Community platform. To retrieve the code, A-List Members who have already set up their profile on the Community should:

  1. Sign into the A-List and the Community platform.
  2. Once you have signed into the Community, you will find the DIFF discount code on the Ladima Foundation’s Community profile.

If you are an A-List Member who has not yet joined the new Community, you will find the icon to join it on your A-List dashboard. If you’re not an A-List Member, you can sign up here for free today: www.ladima.africa/a-list

DIFF contributes to expanding filmmaker networks, attracts local and international media, creates public awareness of South African and African cinema, and promotes and celebrates African cinema that highlights the possibilities of local film production and stimulates the growth of the film industry. DIFF proactively promotes the development of the African film industry and provides a strategic exhibition platform for local products alongside international films within a professionally implemented and reputable cultural experience.

Presented by the Centre for Creative Arts at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, DIFF is widely regarded as one of the leading film festivals on the African continent and a vital event on the international film calendar. DIFF has two principal strands: Isiphethu, consisting of a seminar and workshop component to stimulate industry development and a community outreach programme to service marginalised audiences and the celebration of cinema through the exhibition of films.

The official opening for submissions calls on global filmmakers to speak to the myriad of ways we have all restructured our reality. This year’s curatorial theme is ‘Adaptation’; DIFF is challenging filmmakers during these times of unprecedented transformation to rise and introduce audiences to fresh perspectives of diversity and inclusion. The festival is looking for films that reach back while looking forward, focusing on strengthening the tapestry of indigenous and authentic African stories with a global view to sustainability and inclusion. These could be films that speak to migration, climate adjustment, social isolation, hybrid integration and films that explore other ways in which humanity is expanding.

The theme for this year’s inaugural Isiphethu International Student Film Festival (IISFF) running concurrently with DIFF is migration. Migration serves to prove that instincts like hibernation, re-assessment and behavioural adaptations exist to preserve life. The inaugural Isiphethu International Student Film Festival intends to highlight the effects and cause of migration to human life, and all other species by celebrating bravery and stimulating debate through images and sound. The positive outcomes of our evolution breed new ways to conduct business and also challenges people to learn and adopt new ways of living.


Best Feature Film R 50 000,00
Best South African Feature Film R 25 000,00
Best Documentary R 25 000,00
Audience Choice Award R 25 000,00
Best South African Short Film R 20 000,00
Best African Short R 20 000,00
Best Short Film R 20 000,00

The Isiphethu Student Film Festival will have a separate competition, the award categories for this will be announced soon.

Regular deadline to submit: 31 January.

Late deadline: 28 February.

Submit here. 



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